The Real Coconut

By Sophia Pilot

October 19, 2020

   I was sitting underneath the umbrellas at the patio of the newly-opened Real Coconut Restaurant, snacking on a plate of decadent, gooey nachos, hard to believe it’s all, gluten, dairy, grain, corn, soy, oil, and refined sugar-free, but 100% delicious. Surrounded by happy families, six feet apart, of course, eating yucca fries, tacos, avocado toast, and ice cream shakes; this new Malibu eatery is a welcome addition. I followed the nachos with the Macho Pancakes with sides of organic maple syrup and berry compote to create the perfect end to a meal that will leave you feeling satisfied, but not sluggish.

   The Real Coconut opened its second location in Malibu on October 1st. Owners Daniella Hunter and husband Charlie are thrilled to bring their passion for sustainability and health to Malibu. In my conversion with Charlie, he explained that developer, Steve Soboroff approached the company with the idea of a second restaurant in the Park Complex, due to the success of their Real Coconut Co. products sold in Whole Foods, “We live close by and have been in the community for 30 years and it was important for Daniella and I that our first USA Real Coconut Conscious Kitchen had our presence as our Tulum, Mexico location in our hotel Sanara has had for the last six years.”

   The couple uses their knowledge of healthy digestion to construct a sustainable menu. Their fish is wild-caught, and they source all of their ingredients organically and locally. The owners recognize the impact ingredients have on the environment, “Weʼll always choose organic produce, wherever possible, and make no compromise in the sourcing of our animal proteins, using only organic, pasture-raised eggs and chicken, or wild-caught fish and seafood, from local farmers & fishermen.” The Real Coconut menu is centered around coconut, cassava, plantain, hemp, and marine phytoplankton which are nutrient-dense grains. 

   Daniella experimented with coconuts in her cooking as opposed to grains, rice, corn, and wheat, cultivating her love for sustainable cooking. Their organization works with the Influence Foundation (IF) as a resource for developing countries. The IF, along with the support of The Real Coconut, plan to feed 11 billion people by 2020. This goal will be achieved by reducing food waste, going on a plant-based diet, returning land to indigenous people, and supporting cooperatives to produce more tonnage per hectare (2.4 acres) on their lands. Charlie explains that “it’s going to require persistence to recognize how we feed 11 billion people by 2050. In our restaurants, our conscious commitments are to use low-impact crops that don’t require irrigated water and at the same time serve healthy yummy food for all the family.” 

   An assortment of Real Coconut Co. products is sold in Whole Foods and a variety of retailers. Their selection of products will also be offered in their market within the Restaurant. The restaurant also offers catering and delivery to locals which is a great alternative to eating out during the pandemic. 

   As the weather cools, I’ll be happy to swing by for an apple cider donut and chai tea with fresh coconut milk. It’s not cheap, but fresh food that nourishes the body and the environment comes at a price. The menu items and hours will expand within the next few weeks, so be sure to check

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