Meet Malibu High’s Newest Teacher

By Davis Newman

October 19, 2020

This year, here at Malibu High, we have a brand new chemistry teacher, Ms. Lipetz. With over 17 years of SMMUSD chemistry experience and a year in Canada, Ms. Lipetz is looking to be a promising teacher. She will be adapting to both a new school environment and a global pandemic at the same time, teaching in unpredictable circumstances.

   Lipetz says she is up to the challenge, and even says she can find some benefits in the new online environment, saying it is easier to support her students through Zoom. Ms. Lipetz is proud of the students and staff working so hard in and out of school to make this a comfortable environment for her. Ms. Lipetz says that although it is difficult to adjust to this online style, it teaches us technological learning, which she believes is what will be the main educational tool in the future.

   Although Lipetz likes her new learning environment, she says she will have a difficult time getting to know her students like she usually would in and out of class in a physical school. Furthermore, Ms. Lipetz says that she will not be able to do all of the labs in the physical way she would like, especially since she cannot send her students home with acids and bunsen burners. Ms. Lipetz also has to cut out some of the content she would love to teach.

   Ms. Lipetz plans to teach in the same style she usually would, where the students are very self-directed, but since chemistry is hard to learn alone and she can’t be as hands-on as she would like, she will have to experiment with her teaching style. It is also strange teaching without paper or labs, but Ms. Lipetz has some ideas for simulation regarding the labs.

   Ms. Lipetz is optimistic despite the challenges of these uncertain times and has high hopes for her future teaching here. She is open to feedback and is adjusting as much as we are. Ms. Lipetz is very happy with the students and faculty which have been very helpful, friendly and accommodating to her new teaching home.

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