Finding Moments of Peace

By Isabella Howe

September 29, 2020

 Since the beginning of 2020, the whole world seems to have been bombarded with an unending cycle of disastrous events.  As a society we have been trying to keep afloat a sea of commotion and anxiety. Headlines have begun to only focus on the faults of our world. 

   With the current social climate, the importance of finding space and time to regenerate and heal from such apprehensions is crucial. It can be easy to slip into a mindset consumed by negativity when bad news is constantly being shoved down the throats of society. Luckily, there are ways to manage a form of mental and physical composer even in these circumstances. 

   Taking action in becoming aware of one’s daily mental status is the first step in recovery.  What are the thoughts that are continuously taking up space? How does one classify these thoughts? Where could these thoughts be originating from? Thoughts are a direct result of one’s environment. These could be impacted by what one chooses to surround themselves with and consume. What your media feed consists of is what you are mentally and emotionally consuming. Maybe it’s time to purge through subscriptions and let go of the content that emits feelings of anxiety and fear. It’s important to find ways to surround oneself with content that inspires and uplifts the spirit. This does not mean its time to become oblivious to the news, just don’t allow it to dominate your mind. Health is all about balance.

   Find times for yourself. Disconnect from the constant bombardment of information. Be still for a while. Discover ways to be present. Stop the mind from obsessively thinking about what could come next and be in the moment. Recognize the sounds, textures, tastes, people, and places around you. It’s vital to find forms of therapeutic activities to try out in order to rejuvenate. 

   Limit your time on technology. Many studies have proven that technology can increase feelings of anxiety, depression, and envy. Start analyzing your screen time. Avoid looking through your phone the moment you wake up, don’t allow yourself to start the day by looking at negativity. Take out your headphones for a minute and talk to your family. Look up from your phone on car rides, even if you have seen the scenery a hundred times. 

   Life is a gift. Be grateful for the simple things. The functions of body parts, the air you breathe, the water you drink. Take control, because you hold all the power to do so. Cleanse your surroundings and restore your mind. Society will heal but before you can go around helping and fixing others, you must make sure you are healed yourself.

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