Attempting to Preserve Democracy in 2021

By Kirstyn Hill

February 4, 2021

Just thirteen days ago, the US Capitol was stormed and defaced by an angry mob of Trump supporters declaring fraudulent election results, and threatening the lives of the congressmen and congresswomen inside. With President Donald Trump’s incitement of the riot then continued apprehension to attempt to adjudicate the situation, he facilitated a potential domestic terrorist attack against the democratic process. 

With President Joe Biden being officially inaugurated into office on January 20th, 2021, it has been made clear that the majority of US citizens demand a peaceful transition of power. The national security threat of extremist groups has become an increasingly more prevent issue in recent times and is now threatening the security of the American democracy.

Masks weren’t the only new arrival at this year’s inauguration, as the National Guard was called on stand by, surrounding the Capitol building, and shutting down much of Washington D.C. After a continued display of negligence shown in Washington during Trump’s last weeks of presidency, it is now crucial to show the American people that security in democracy prevails. 

Donald Trump’s failure to call the National Guard earlier on January 6th was out of sheer favoritism to the group protesting, as it was known by anyone who is active on social media, and any US intelligence agency, that an attempt to storm the Capitol would be committed. It was made clear that day that the inauguration was to be protected by the National Guard, due to the severity of the national threat at hand. In a time where it has become normal American behavior to be radicalized through basic media outlets like Facebook preliminary precaution is never unnecessary.

What is typically a peaceful transition of power from one president to another, has been disgraced by forcing the attendance of the armed military. Not only has the U.S. democracy been strained severely through Trump’s initial refusal to concede and later resistance to even accept the election results, but it has also been exposed of its weaknesses and flaws.

It is undeniable that America is in unprecedented territory and the next 100 days of Joe Biden’s time in office will likely determine the results of his whole presidency. It is time to put an emphasis on unity in America and work to undo some of the damage left by the Trump administration. The attack on the capital was a great symbolizing act of the last four years, of unjust chaos and ignorance leading to irreversible consequences. Now it’s time to move forward and hopefully gain control of a country that is edging on the line of self-sabotage.

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