2021 Fashion Predictions

By Claire Buran

January 21, 2020

In a year when everything seems to be changing, at least we can rely upon the stability of fashion. No, that does not mean that fashion never changes, it means that you can always have the stability of the repeating patterns in what is going to be trending and make certain predictions.This used to solely be based on what celebrities wore and what the top designers said. But recently, it seems to have shifted for teenagers who just see what other teenagers are wearing through social media apps. 

The leg warmer trend is an example. A year ago, if you told me that I just ordered a pair of leg warmers to wear, I would have thought you were crazy. But yet here we are with leg warmers becoming very popular among teens. I see people making super cute outfits with them all over TikTok and Instagram, but no celebrities I know of wear them. They are a super cute way to stay warm in the winter whilst still wearing shorter skirts or dresses. They make more basic outfits a bit more interesting without being too eccentric. They were fashionable in the 80s with neon colors, but now it’s more muted tones of black, brown, and white that are being worn. 

 A type of top that is growing in popularity, I can only describe as “funky, 60’s like, mesh top”. The designer Jean-Paul Gaultier’s is a big influence in this look. The popular look of the top is sheer with designs on it. The tops give a psychedelic feel. You can see many brands recreating this type of look. Another look that seems to be inspired by fashionable younger people rather than what mainstream celebrities are wearing. 

 I can see colored thighs making a comeback this year, having been popular on and off through the decades. They are very versatile and can be worn casually or in a fancier setting. They have also slowly been popping up around the internet. I think they can be super cute if you wear them right but could also be a total disaster if worn poorly. Truthfully, I will probably end up buying a pair at some point soon.

 Statement pants are also becoming more and more popular. This is a trend that has been made popular by celebrities and teenagers.  The bold printed pants can be worn in many different ways. They vary in color, pattern, material; they can be sweats or jeans. The way that this trend is so broad, leads me to believe that they will probably stay “in” for a while.  

 The color tone palette that I predict will be most popular this year are the earthy tones. Shades of brown and green are everywhere you look, giving a more neutral and earthy feel to the fashion of today. All the people I see on social media seem to be embracing these neutral colors, and I am here for it.

 I think this past year has really changed the way many view their fashion. Especially as a teenager, the way you dress is often just based on what others will think of you.  Standing out often is perceived as more negative rather than positive. However, quarantine has changed that, people had months to really reflect on the way they present themselves to the world without the worry of being judged by their peers. The app TikTok has also had a vital role in this new age of fashion. It’s a way teenagers are able to be exposed to so many different styles and clothes that they never would have thought about before and can connect people with others who dress the same type of way. 

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