Your Guide to the Top Fall Fashion Trends

By Jacqueline Pernice

October 27, 2020

The end of summer has come, leaving the sunny days and warm weather behind. As the leaves start to turn, everything changes along with it. The new fall drinks and pumpkin-spiced items return to the menu, and the Thanksgiving shopping begins. The days are beginning to get cooler and sweater season is approaching. As the new fall fashion makes it debut, the new trends of the season start to appear. 

Starting with faux fur, Cruella DeVille makes her way back into the scene. The fur jackets and sweaters take bougie to the next level, giving your simple jeans and a casual shirt a confident yet comfy picturesque look. For a night out in LA, throw any faux fur coat over a monochrome outfit, or over a silk slip dress to give it some elegance. Up on the rise, during New York Fashion Week, there was nothing but faux fur, and better yet, brightly colored/patterned faux fur has even reached Vogue. If that isn’t enough to sell you on the idea, faux fur lasts longer than animal fur, it’s easier to clean, store, and overall cheaper. Faux fur, both environmentally friendly and fashionable.

Next up, fringe returns to the runway. The fringe trend was first created by ancient Mesopotamians. Fringe was used mainly in skirts and shawls, used to embellish garments. It came in a variety of styles; hanging straight, knotted, or tied into unique designs. In the later years of Mesopotamia, fringe became increasingly more elegant. Fringes that had been dyed in all kinds of shades, or layered in tiers, were introduced into the market. The fringe concept began to grow and develop, from becoming a part of Native American culture (used to help repel rain by traveling down the tassels, away from the body) to adding a strike of rebellion.

Even though fringe may be just a small detail, it adds the necessary touch to any outfit. If on just a plain pair of pants or a dull denim jacket, the texture of the fringe brings out your insurgent side.
Continuing with the autumn aesthetic, jewel tones and colors are coming back. Shades like citrine, emerald, ruby, and sapphire are returning to the scene. These darker, laid back tones attribute to the cozy feeling of fall, giving you a chic yet casual look. More neutral and nude tones are also back in season. Designers are finally beginning to take a hint and create pieces in nudes of all skin tones. From deep browns to warm camel hues, shades of nude are the colors to choose from this season.

Next up is the famous look first worn by Cher from every teen’s favorite movie, Clueless. Her preppy look, along with everything Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf would have worn, paves the way for this fall trend. This year, instead of sharp tailoring and muted colors, the style is taking its incentive from Princess Diana’s ’80s looks and incorporating sporty elements, pastel colors, and so on. The trend is more of a style trend with a wide variety of looks. For example, instead of tying a sweater around your waist, drape it over your shoulders or knot it over a basic t-shirt. Another styling tip for either would be to layer a crew neck over a collared shirt, leaving the collar exposed. To add to the look, wear a ribbed sweater vest over the collared shirt, giving you a preppy yet chic appearance.

Lastly, returning for the holiday season, metallics resurface. The gorgeous golds, silver, and bronzes bring the final touch. The extra pizazz gives an eye-catching twist, however, you must keep one thing in your mind; do not go overboard. Metallics are supposed to underline your individuality. By wearing a metallic top, pants, midi, or mini skirt, you create a statement expressing your character. However, if you want to show off your sophistication, try a metallic dress or blazer. The final look gives off a strong impression, both extravagant and “voguish”.

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