Will School Sports Make a Comeback?

By Liam Moore

November 9, 2020

As the coronavirus quarantine approaches eight months, schools look to reopen and allow sports to start practicing on campus again. Although MHS is projected to reopen sometime next semester, multiple sports teams are looking to start practicing on campus before then. 

   Luckily, the California Interscholastic Federation, or CIF has announced on October 1st that their schedule for sports will not change. In July, CIF released a new schedule for all sports teams, which moved some sports to different seasons. This was done to help reduce the amount of “overlap” between different sports seasons. As of October 1st, this schedule will not change stating “They remain in place since they were announced on July 20 and will continue to remain in place as we begin October, approach November, and move forward in preparation for the launch of our Fall Sports season in mid-December.” Seeing that CIF has made monthly updates on the state of sports being reopened, we can expect to see another update for November soon.

   Now, as fall gets closer, many fall sports athletes at MHS are eager to get back to practicing on campus. Fortunately, it seems that some sports are getting the “ok” to start practicing on campus. For example, the baseball team has also started practicing on campus, using the baseball field and weight room. Both boys and girls volleyball are going to have their first on campus practice November 6th on the football field. Although volleyball is  not able to practice in the gym, it is certainly a step towards practicing indoors. All players are required to wear masks and attempt to maintain six feet distance.

  Although we are making progress towards practicing on campus and indoors, it seems that many other schools have already begun practicing indoors. At least for volleyball, multiple schools in our league such as Nordoff have been allowed to practice in their gym, presumably with masks and social distancing.

   Hopefully, as the number of covid cases per day drops in California and a safe vaccine is created, all athletes will be able to return to practicing on campus and in the gym.

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