The Gaming Industry During COVID-19

By Davis Newman

November 9, 2020

This year due to the COVID-19 pandemic most industries are struggling to stay afloat. The gaming industry however is thriving, and with a new influx of people who must stay at home with time to burn, the gaming industry has a multitude of more potential customers. 

  Xbox and Nintendo have reported extreme growth, with a 130% increase in multiplayer engagement during March for Xbox, and 22 million copies of Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold since its release in March. Furthermore, streaming services such as twitch which primarily show gaming content have had up to 50% increase in viewership during the pandemic. Even an in game Fortnite Travis Scott event was able to gain the attention of 12 million viewers; more than any in person concerts. 

  The video game industry may  have gained permanent  customers as “ A person who was playing zero hours a week and they’re now playing one or two, you may have won them over forever,” according to the Washington Post. Furthermore, new releases such as Fall Guys and Among Us have sprung up during the pandemic, and have roped in new customers who typically do not play video games because of Among Us easy to play nature, simple rules, and graphics. 

  The gaming industry seems to be thriving in this pandemic, and may see a permanent growth in their market due to new players joining the fun. There are more new and returning players than ever and companies are thriving due to the stay at home nature of the pandemic. Streaming services feel the trickle down and the gaming industry as a whole has found a way to adapt to the new commercial environment.

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