2020 Music Review

By Joey Kurtz

November 9, 2020

2020 needs uplifting music more than ever. Luckily, most of the music being released this year has been uplifting. To start us off, “Holy’’ by Justin Bieber was released on September 18, 2020. It features Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper singing about hardships and about being kind to one another by singing some gospel lyrics. According to NME, Justin Bieber performed the song by “Belting out his gospel-tinged lyrics in front of a cross lit in blue, Bieber took viewers to church, often closing his eyes and beating his chest”. The song has currently been played 1.35 million times on Spotify.

 There is also an unfortunate amount of songs that are centered around break ups. “Not Time To Die” created by Billie Elish, follows the troubles of a bad relationship. That song and many others have been awarded Grammys. Lady Gaga and 

Ariana Grande recently made a song called “Rain on Me”. Even though this song brings an uplifting message to the people of 2020, it still has been built off of the two artists’ breakups. Good Housekeeping explained that “Gaga and Ariana actually crafted the song based on personal hardships they’ve both faced over the last decade”.  Lady Gaga released another song this year called “Stupid Love”. The song is about loving someone just based on the feeling. The song is definitely uplifting and positive.

 “What’s Poppin”, created by Jack Harlow features Jack raping about his adventures with women. This song may not be very popular in the rap community, but it sure has grabbed the attention of Tik Tok. Vulture.com stated that “it jumped ten spots to No. 8 last week, earning Jack Harlow his first Billboard Top 10, and another six spots to No. 2 on July 6”. It even processed to be a very energetic song. Another song called “People, I’ve Been Sad” has also come out this year. It was recorded by Christine and the Queen’s People, who actually made the song about self-isolation. In my opinion, the song is quite beautiful and very relaxing. Now, we all know that this year has been filled with many different things. Why shouldn’t music be the same? 

  With that, I give you some playlists to listen to this year. “Practically Perfect in Every Way” created by Matt Etherington in my opinion is inspirational and yet very soothing. The “Ultimate Happy Playlist” by Jennifer Lee includes 40 songs filled with uplifting messages. “Rock Classics” created by Spotify has always given me lots of energy after a long day of zoom class. To end this list of great songs I give you “The Best Of 2020”. This is created by Spotify, but it’s actually full of inspirational and happy songs. 

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