How Much Money Does One Need?

By Luis Berg

September 14, 2020

   Through an economy-killing pandemic and 38 billion dollar divorce, Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon is only getting richer, possibly becoming the first trillionaire by 2026. Jeff Bezos would be 62 with a seemingly endless fortune, richer than 150 countries. Jeff Bezos makes $2,489 a second, which is more than the average American makes in a week, once racking in more than 13 billion dollars in one day. 

   However, people are criticizing people like Jeff Bezos for having so much money. It begs to ask the question; does anyone person need a trillion dollars? The five richest people alone could solve almost all the major problems in the world and remain multi-billionaires. As a Forbes article has said, “He donated less than 25 million in 2018.” The Chronicle of Philanthropy has estimated that he donated 2.2 billion dollars since 2000. 2 billion dollars is a lot of money, but not to Jeff Bezos. It is just a sliver of his huge fortune, making more than he donated in 20 years in a day. There are currently 2,095 billionaires worldwide with a combined net worth of 9 trillion dollars. At the same time, there are 800 million people living in extreme poverty living on a dollar or less a day according to World Vision. Some point out how there are people that are malnourished and in horrible living conditions while 2,000 people with millions laying around living a luxurious lifestyle. 

   People wonder what good could be done with just a portion of that money. It’s estimated that it would take seven billion a year to end world hunger and 20 billion to solve homelessness in America. These sound like massive amounts of money, but if they were to each donate three million dollars for five years both those problems would be fixed and then some. People will keep criticizing the elites, but it’s up to them if they decide to donate a fraction of their fortune or keep it all for themselves. Jeff Bezos could spend 10 million a day for the next 40 years and still couldn’t come close to blowing his fortune, yet he seemingly has a difficult time donating a million a year.

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